I traveled on the back of a scooter through the mountainous landscapes around Yangshuo in the south of China. This way I was able to document the footprints that humans had left behind in the landscape and the traces of human activity. Mountains of sand are laid out for a new construction project, while a lady fills her wheelbarrow or while dust flies around from a leaving construction truck. But more often these were places of tranquility and sometimes even abandonment. This tranquility is best shown by the greenhouse with no windows, which is standing in the midst of an agricultural landscape with in the background the majestic mountains, waiting for something to happen inside of it.

But change is coming. This region is full in development and the various landscapes are waiting for something to happen. The old factory chimneys in the middle of the vast landscape, where the only sign of human activity are some abandoned fisherman's gear and hut, is ready for a new purpose in life. Whereas some other old chimney and buildings from the Yangshuo sugar factory are just recently transformed into a beautiful hotel.

One is for sure, these landscapes will not be the same a year from now.