Margreet Coolen is born in 1978 in The Netherlands. She spent part of her youth in England and France. After studying Law and Economics at the University of Utrecht, she worked for a few years in the financial world of Amsterdam and Chicago. In 2009 she picked up a study of Photographic Design and graduated in 2011. After graduation, she spent two summers working on a project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (see description below).
Her passion for traveling and discovering new surroundings resulted in a preference for landscape and documentary photography. Especially the abandonment and isolation of human landscapes or the human footprints left behind in various landscapes are some of her favorite subjects within photography.


Campus 17:

Today life in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dynamic struggle between its past and its people’s vision for their future. In the past few years Campus 17 has brought photographers and students from all over the world together in Bosnia and Herzegovina to construct a photographic dialogue. Together we hope to engender new ways of communicating and interacting with one other.


Grid 2012 Amsterdam - Istanbul series
Photo Festival Naarden
Made in China - March 18, 2018